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Cricket Season Preparation- What do I need to play Cricket?

It's the start of a new cricket season! Chances are you have gear that is too small and there is a weird smelling sock lingering in your bag from last summer! (or even worst, A ROTTEN BANANA!)

" Sorry mum, I forgot to unpack it after a long, hot season".

Well now is the time to do a clean out and check if:

1. The gear actually fits you and

2. If it will be efficient for the level of cricket you will be playing this season!

Here is a quick and easy game day checklist for parents and Fierce Girls.

Batting Equipment

  • Bat (obviously); check that it is the correct height and weight for you as you may have grown. View Cricket Australia's junior bat sze guide to determine the correct height for you.

  • Gloves

  • Thigh Pad (there are various forms, choose what's right for you)

  • Leg Pads

  • Abdo Guard (Female personal protector)

  • Arm guard

  • Helmet (ensure this is of Australian standards)

Fielding Equipment

Wicket Keeper?

  • Keeping gloves and inners

  • Keeping pads (these are different to batting pads)

  • Helmet (use your batting helmet)

  • Sun Hat

  • Sunscreen

  • Zinc (this is always fun)

  • Sunglasses

Cricket Storage


When starting out, runners will do just fine. When moving into the older age categories where they use cricket balls, the need for cricket shoes will benefit as they have a protective toe cover so no toes are broken if hit by a cricket ball. (trust me, this really hurts when batting and they bowl a yorker!)

  • Rubber molds for hard wicket competitions

  • Spikes for turf wicket competitions (and don't forget spare spikes and spike spanner)

Check out Asics women's cricket shoe- the first of it's kind

Cricket Clothing

  • Team uniform playing top

  • Pants - Fierce Girls Pro Female Cricket Pants

  • Base layer shorts (coming soon to our shop) (to help when putting on your batting gear especially your thigh pads)

  • Base layer long sleeve top (for when it gets cold)

  • Cricket jumper for the cold days or nights



So as you can see there is a vast array of equipment needed for the game of cricket. Here at Fierce Girls Cricket you will always find female specific gear and accessories just for women and girls. We hope this guide helps you prepare the complete kit! - see you at the game!


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