Hi there! I bet you are wondering how and why we started Fierce Girls Cricket? Well our family are cricket fanatics and as a female growing up playing cricket I found it really annoying that everything was labeled "boys" or "mens" and was in ugly colours! That was 20 years ago. Now, our girls have taken up cricket and to see the same labels and the same colours on equipment made me think something has to change! And so we started our Fierce Girls Cricket movement.

We are lovers of all things Cricket. We have a passion for empowering girls to be FIERCE! To have the confidence and courage to be themselves and achieve their life dreams.

Through sport girls can unleash their inner fierce and achieve anything they put their mind to.

Fierce Girls Cricket will showcase girls who play cricket and their achievements through social media and try to increase the exposure on this platform with the aim of generating media attention. We will provide equipment and accessories to ensure girls who play the sport can also express themselves through female orientated colours and products.

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