Now on a global scale the Vixen is targeted towards female and young cricketers. Made from our lightest English Willow, we have produced a bat that has a full players shape with a mid profile to suit all conditions. An oval handle and round toe, the Vixen is very FeroX like taking down attacks all around the world.

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Ferox Senior Bats

    • Ferox Cricket Bat Warranty and Things to Remember

      A cricket bat is not going to look new forever and cracks will appear. Cracking may be an indication of insufficient knocking-in, improper preparation/use, soft willow etc. A small amount of cracking is normal and ha no impact on the performance of the bat. Added protection such as Extratech and Toe Protection is highly recommended for enhanced longevity. The price of a bat does not reflect the potential longevity of the willow.


      All bats will need to be viewed in order to ascertain the correct course of the claim. Handle damage may be replaced within 4months of the purchase date. Receipt to be supplied.


      - Yorker damage to the toe of the bat
      - Damage that occurs due to a lack of knocking/playing-in, Machine knocking-in or inaccurate play.
      - Damage resulting by bats being machined prepared (Not naturally played in)
      - Damage that occurs due to poor preparation/maintenance. (eg: lack of toe protection, over/under oiling etc)
      - Damage due to moister or heat.
      - Damage from a NON Leather or Composite ball.
      - Improper use (including hitting things other than cricket balls)
      Ferox Cricket Bat Warranty may not be void if the above guidelines are not adhered to. ALL Ferox Cricket products are Non-Refundable.