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It's time to change cricket uniforms

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

We all love watching our women play test cricket and we wish they would play more often, however it calls to mind additional challenges our female players need to tackle apart from the usual on field competition.

Did you know that during the England v.s India test match in June 2021, over half of the players had their period? Imagine the extra stress and anxiety those players were feeling given that the uniform consists of traditional cricket whites!

How many of the girls playing in the current Ashes test match are dealing with this issue? Heather Knight made 168 no off 294 balls and batted for the majority of day 2- if she had her period, surly she would have needed additional toilet breaks. Would a male umpire have the full understanding of her needs? Luckily there is a female umpire on the field being Eloise Sheridan.,

During the England v.s India test match in 2021, Sue Redfern, the first woman to officiate in an England men’s home international match, was congratulated for her impeccable player management stating "If a player needs to leave the field in an emergency- and I consider periods to be- its just a human, decent thing to do" Read this article for an incite into the England players concerns and feelings during that match.

This calls to mind the importance of gender representation in decision making roles on the pitch and calls for more female umpires within our sport to ensure all players needs are understood and met during matches.

It also showcases the need for female friendly change rooms for all clubs and associations. There is nothing worse than arriving at a ground to find the toilets are km's away and there are no private spaces to change.

More-so, there needs to be a call to action for ALL clubs and associations to have a better understanding of these impacts and to #Changecricketuniforms to coloured pants and female uniform options. Read this paper for research into "what girls want in sport uniforms".

This is why Fierce Girls Cricket are specalising in female designed cricket uniforms and team wear. Contact us if your club want to provide uniforms that are comfortable and practical women and girls.

Email us today at or visit our website.

We would love to hear from you! Comment below if your club needs better uniform choices or if you need improved toilet facilities.

St Leonards CC, Victoria

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