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Women's sport in the media

Increasing the representation of Women's sport in the media is an important element towards gender equality.

The media showcase individuals whom we think are the experts in their field, leaders and heroes to a degree. It has the power to change the perception on the way we see the world.

The Office for Women in Sport Victoria undertook an important piece of work in the lead up to the FIFI Women's World Cup. They looked at more than 34,600 pieces of media available and used this data to establish a baseline for women in sport new coverage in Victoria. The results were dismal.

"The research found only 15% of sports news coverage in Victoria was focused on women’s sport in 2022-23, with women’s sport also less likely to receive deeper coverage and analysis" (

  • As well as this they identified that Women's sport was more likely to be reported on the scores and results rather than a deep analysis such as training and team structure.

  • Women were 4% more likely to be showcased through images

  • Print and online news were the main forms of media compared to TV and radio

What can you do to help?

The report "The Conversation of Sport" identifies recommendations that you can do to help drive change in media coverage and increase the exposure of Women in sport. Something that we at Fierce Girls Cricket aims to support.

*data and quotes taken from

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