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Are you a True Ally?

Don’t just speak about it; live it!

Allyship is not a single action, rather it’s an ongoing action itself.

Sporting clubs across the nation need true allies in order to be fully inclusive. To do this we need willing members to transfer the benefits they have had through participation in sport, to those who lack it.

Participation in sport is more than just winning and losing. We all know what internal and external benefits it provides to one's physical and mental health.

We need to open up our clubs to all. How do we do this? Find that club champion who understands the needs of the community in order to lead change. Ideally it’s someone who has already had great benefit by being involved.

Form your crew of allies and have conversations with members and supporters to understand their needs. Then form a plan to create the change.

Fierce Girls Cricket is a fully inclusive brand that supports female and gender diverse people, CALD communities, people with a disability and First Nations people.

Visit Cricket Australia a Sport for All for more information

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