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Women's Cricket Podcasts

Winter is here, as well as a well deserved rest from the craziness of cricket season! If you're like me, our love of cricket continues year round, whether it be watching international games on TV, coaching videos on YouTube or heading out to the nets on sunny afternoons (which are sometimes freezing!) As well as all these, I love listening to cricket podcasts featuring women. Here are five female cricket podcasts that are on my playlist:

The Scoop Cricket Podcast

Women's Cricket Chat

Lives in Women's Cricket

Alice Henderson Podcast Series

For the Cricket mad kids. Join author S.R Silcox as she shares the story "Alice Henderson on debut." A novel about friendships loyalty, sibling rivalry and having the courage to believe in yourself.

No Balls: The Cricket Podcast

A bit of banter and fun between two English women's cricket players Kate Cross and Alex Hartley.

The Inside Edge

Not cricket specific, however this podcast provides an incite into the minds of professional athletes and teams and showcases what makes them tick!

Developing the game- Featuring founder of Fierce Girls Cricket: Natalie

Female Cricket Pathways

So there you have it people! Enough talk to get your ears pumping.

If you have any other podcasts that you would like to share please comment below with a link!

Enjoy and Stay Fierce!

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