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Cricket equipment is mostly centered around males.        
Fierce Girls Cricket focus' on providing female inspired equipment and accessories that allows girls to express themselves and feel comfortable whilst playing the game they love.



Abbey, (14)

Abbey, (14)

I loved wearing the FGC Ultimate batting gloves out in the middle. They are very comfortable, protective and stylish. They have become my new favourite batting gloves and I love wearing them.


Lindsey, mum of Tilly (11)

We received the shirt in a timely manner, thanks. 

You also made it easy for Santa Claus to hide the parcel within the mail, so extra thanks for this!

The shirts are fabulous! The quality of the shirt is high and our 11 year old ADORES it! I would 10/10 recommend.


Hannah (13)

Hey I just wanted to say that I think your doing an amazing job at supplying girls with the equipment we need to play cricket. There’s not many places around where I am that make cricket gear designed for girls, and I think that it could bring more girls into the world of cricket and even make a career out of it. So just a huge thank you for doing what you do

Lucy .jpg

Lucy (9)

Lucy LOVES the first Alice Henderson book. Lucy is only 9 yrs old but she is fascinated by the strategy of the game and is really enjoying that theme in the book. she also relates to Alice as she plays with all boys mostly too. We will continue to support you as we really believe in what you are trying to achieve in the market. Please let Selina know that Alice has greatly improved Lucy's game this season- we hope there will bemany more books to come!